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We're able to cut out middle-men to bring you the best pricing on wholesale crayons.  When restaurants, churches, and other entities go looking for bulk crayons to entertain kids and keep them busy, they are usually thrilled to find the Crayon Queen website.  Join the thousands of business people buying crayons from us and thrilled with our service.  Oftentimes we can ship same-day from our warehouse, if not the next business day.
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Custom Crayon Packaging with 100 case committment
Factory-Direct Custom Crayons for Multi-Units, Minimum 6 lo...

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11"x17" Coloring Sheet Placemats - FREE SHIPPING
FARM THEME / Super-Fun placemats for coloring keep kid...

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You Save:$9.00 / CasePack
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4-pk Round Crayons - FREE SHIPPING
Round Crayons in a 4-pack come 360 packs per case. Superb Q...

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